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Build an App With Content Services at Adobe SUMMIT 2017

Image of the app that you'll build during our SUMMIT lab

Are you curious about how the next generation of apps will be built with Adobe’s Experience Manager Content Services solution? Have a free hour and a half on Wednesday, March 22nd at 2PM? Join John Fait and I (AEM Mobile engineering) for an action-packed lab, “Unleash your app experience with AEM developer customizations” (Lab 3847), where we’ll cover:

Debugging an AEM App

Does your AEM App get stuck at a blank screen when you run it via the Cordova CLI?

The following steps will help you get to the root of the error on both iOS and Android.

Using SSL Locally for AEM Dev


Set up an AEM publish instance with SSL to enable local, OS X-based development on :8443. These instructions are deliberately concise and not designed to be used in prod (refer to the official docs for that).

You will need

  • An AEM publish instance (accessible - for the moment - on :4503)
  • A machine running OS X (the following was tested on Yosemite)

AEM Apps Starter Kit Improvements

With AEM 6.1 out the door, we’ve pushed some commits to the Starter Kit repository to ensure that the apps you bootstrap with it are taking advantage of the present state of the art. What follows is a visual tour of a few of those improvements.

Native Page Transitions

Transitions between pages play such a big role in how your app’s performance is perceived, yet perfecting this animation with CSS can stump even the sharpest front-end dev. The Starter Kit now comes with the excellent Native Page Transitions plugin enabled by default, delivering buttery smooth transitions while offloading the tedious translate3d (or was it transform?) work to native hardware acceleration. Many thanks go to @eddyverbruggen for all the hard work that went into this plugin!

SUMMIT 2015: Mobile App Dev & Content Management With AEM

I’m thrilled to be returning to beautiful Salt Lake City this March to host a technical session on Mobile App Development and Content Management with AEM at Adobe SUMMIT 2015.

Digging through my chicken scratch in an old notebook, I was able to locate what I suspect to be my notes from one of the first meetings about the potential of an integration between Adobe PhoneGap (then, version 1.9) and AEM - better known as CQ 5.5 at the time (circa July 2012):

AEM Apps Feature Pack Updates

A keen observer of AEM’s Package Share may have noticed two new offerings show up in the past couple of weeks. In particular, our team is thrilled to announce the availability of the AEM Apps feature pack 1, and an updated Geometrixx Outdoors App sample which demonstrates the usage of these new features. Let’s take a quick tour.

Application Command Center

The feature pack includes a single user interface for managing all aspects of an app’s lifecycle. The Command Center enables you to keep app content fresh and relevant, while understanding how the app is performing in one intuitive view.

IoT Day in Ottawa

The folks at IoT Ottawa hosted an all-day meetup on the subject of the Internet of Things, right here in the Adobe Ottawa office tower. As someone new to the IoT field I found the many short, to-the-point sessions served as both a nice introduction to possibilities in the industry and also as a glimpse into the innovation happening right here in our backyard. What follows are my personal highlights from the day.

Dr. Ghods on Smart Buildings

(thanks to Aali R. Alizadeh for sharing this picture)

Mobile Apps: Made and Managed in AEM

I’m thrilled to be returning to Basel this summer to present at the conference formerly known as CQCON: CONNECT Web Experience. This year I’ll be speaking about building and managing mobile applications within AEM, with a focus on the technical details of the solution.

To frame the context of the integration between AEM and PhoneGap, I told a story of a hypothetical company looking to extend the reach of their content by building a mobile app. Since presenting at both Adobe SUMMIT and AEMHub, I’ve had a chance to work with some real, non-hypothetical customers, and have selected a few themes from these experiences to highlight for an audience of highly-technical AEM pros.