AEMHub 2014: Mobile Apps in AEM

My slides from AEMHub are available here: Mobile apps: Made and managed in AEM

So, you want to build an app

You’ve been approached by management and given orders to begin architecting a plan to get that ever-coveted place in the app store. Your peers at the office are devoted iOS fans - aside from that one guy, still touting the battery life of his flip phone - and expect to see your work in their preferred store, and soon. However, upon reviewing mobile browser analytics from your company’s site, you notice a trend: not all traffic is from mobile Safari. Hits seem to be originating from Android browsers at about half the rate of Safari, and Google’s Chrome browser is not far behind. Your office may be satisfied with an iPhone app, but how will your Android customers take it?

CQ Gems: Mobile First Development

I presented a talk on Mobile First Development with CQ Made Easy as part of the CQ Gems technical series. My slides from CQCON were updated to include a more complete list of resources.

Evolve 2013: CQ Mobile Apps

Andrew Savory and I talked about building mobile applications with CQ at Evolve13. Our slides are available here: evolve13-cq-mobile-apps